The following Insurance programs are available to work in conjunction with your loan plan:

  1- Compulsory Insurance covers:
  a- Household comprehensivce:
Amount to
pay per
  Will enable you to cover your own
  residence for fire, earthquake,
  water damage, flood, burglary,
  public liability at a very low cost
value of
x 0.20% / 12

  b- Personal Accident and Natural       Death:
  Covering Death and disablement
   up to US$ 50,000
  c- Credit Insurance:
  To cover your default of payment
   for the loan of US$ 3,000

  2- Optional Insurance covers:
  Our ProteXion plan will enable you to benefit from an exclusive offer
   for the most important insurance covers, being the Medical care plan and the Motor All Risk plan.

  a- Medical Care plan up to US$ 100,000 - PER CASE   including worldwide emergency cover as follows:
Monthly amounts to be paid

Subject to 20 % discount for the 1st class and 30 % for the 2nd class in case of social security benefits

  Age 1st class 2nd class
  Child $14.00 $11.00
  18-35 $37.00 $28.00
  36-45 $43.00 $33.00
  46-55 $59.00 $45.00
  56-65 $87.00 $65.00

  b- Motor Insurance:
  Cars make 1992 and above can be covered according to the
   following plans:
Monthly amount to be paid
  All risk insurance value of the car x 4.5 % / 12
  Total loss including fire
  and theft
value of the car x 1.5 % / 12
  Cars made before 1992 can benefit from a reduced price
  concerning Third Party Liability cover uo to US$ 100,000 - PER
  Monthly amount to be paid is $6
The above monthly payments will be added to $250 being the loan refunded installment per month according to the following example:
  Loan refunded installment $265.00 per month+relating interest
($15 for example)
  Compulsory insurance $25.00 (example as per above schedule)
  Optional insurance $37.00 medical insurance for two persons aged (18-36) less social security discount
  Optional insurance $6.00 Third Party Liability motor insurance
  TOTAL TO PAY : $333.0
A Monthly payment that secures your life against accidents and sickness all in granting you a personal loan for $3000